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How to improve Marketing Mix?

19.02.2018 at 12:46h

Stagnant growth is solely the result of the company's marketing mix or not? And stagnant against whom? The market? Your competitors? your company's business performance? What I suggest here is to assess first because the solution is already in your hands. If there is a gap between where you want to go and where you are, can you fill that in? If not, find ways to become stronger on what you do currently. The conversion rate is something much later and further down the line. New segments can be... read more


How to achieve goals in a Joint Venture company where each shareholder has

19.02.2018 at 12:58h

You have to agree on a shared agenda and dashboard where the KPIs will be in place. You may have to focus much more on capital asset valuation rather than the NPV of a joint venture itself (possibly merging the NPVs of each shareholder so as to see the contribution?). The most challenging part is to ensure that you will stay on the same page at all times without having a friction about pace for execution. The KPIs evolved will give you a good understanding whether there is a short or a long p... read more


Do i need a website?

20.02.2018 at 08:54h

The website is your port for preparing your ships and equipping them with a sense of purpose. Social Media Channels are not the final destination, they are just a good way to communicate the website.  Even if the retailer's website has everything, your reliability both as a supplier and as a brand is increased through the website rather than through social media.  From an SEO perspective, to be on top of google's awareness and gaining the 1st page which is the holy grail of digital results (o... read more


How to redefine customer experience?

18.05.2018 at 20:41h

Before redefining customer experience, can you please define what customer experience is for your business and your product/service offering? Before moving to innovation, you have to understand whether customer service experience is different from the total and usually automation-led customer experience. When we are talking about customer service calls, maybe you can consider how to improve the customer satisfaction through the usual metrics NPS/response rates, etc.  But I would suggest to us... read more


What is the effectiveness of a Balanced Scorecard?

09.01.2019 at 18:06h

Dear Darryan, I am glad that you want to use the Balanced Scorecard method as it is a key tool for not only monitoring but more importantly for improving business performance.  I have done several Balanced Scorecard projects for both small and established businesses particularly when in need of restructuring and change management.   It is highly practical if the strategy is well in place beforehand.  It is useful for the company's internal stakeholders and assessing the potential for a strate... read more


How do you push for a strategic decision taking on MB level?

19.02.2018 at 15:41h

Please proceed with options and the risks associated with each decision. When they see that, they will understand that it is something that needs be actioned.  Another way is to create a plan for each option with a full P&L on a projected basis so as for them to see the impact to the business as a whole. Conclude your communication by outlining why this is important to be decided now. They will get back to you with the process, or better yet, with the outcome; it may take some time for them t... read more


How to use the Invisible Gorilla experiment in the goals setting process?

19.02.2018 at 15:15h

The goals-setting process is not something that has to be treated in its own right if it is not underpinned by the strategic company's vision. Very interesting experiment as described on the article and I would also like to add an additional dimension, that of measurability. The KPIs are measurable and typically the goal-setting is or perceived to be SMART. But how can we ensure that the employees won't be blinded by the company's own vision?  Culture eats strategy for breakfast, and on a sim... read more


How to build properly the pricing for volume?

19.02.2018 at 15:27h

You should think of bottom-line profit-focused and make a break-even-volume analysis per customer not per product so as to see how you will split the volumes and how you will customise your pricing strategy. The price is highly dependent on the lifestage of the product but if you don't want to sacrifice quality, it is good to consider the GM rate as a constant. read more


How make the best out use of social Media with different targetgroups

19.02.2018 at 15:31h

Although the brand equity is diluted, for your more effective activation you have to keep them separate. The consumer one needs much more the affinity with the audience whereas the business one needs the assurance to be communicated to the business decision-makers. Very rarely did the mix work out for a company. The branding strategy of each channel however is something that should be examined much before setting up so as to convert the targeted segments to potential buyers/customers. read more


What is the best plan when launching a new product?

18.05.2018 at 20:47h

The best plan is only one and it will always be only one...no matter how many plans do exist in the market. The product is the vehicle of the business plan.  Treat the product like a business. It is that simple and that important. The business plan can have the biggest impact because it includes the common market sizing, feasibility, strategic planning, implementation and review components. No matter what the product is, digital or non-digital, tangible or intangible, it is a commercial busin... read more


How do you implement a cultural change transformation?

18.05.2018 at 20:53h

Cultural Change transformation is nothing else but change management. The change management plan can start with a situational audit, a segmentation of internal stakeholders on a much more systematic basis taking into account the typical 7S McKinsey Matrix so as to see where actually this change will be needed. Later on, if you want to change the culture itself at its core, there are many models like the Paradigm or the Flower or even the Iceberg where you can run and validate them with the re... read more


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